Tallin Tours

Tallin Tours For centuries, Estonia has been an attractive target for invaders. It's seen off the Russians and Germans but now, it's under siege from sex tourists, attracted by its reputation as the Bangkok of Europe.
"I want to get pissed. I want to fall down in the street, crawl out of bed the next day and do it all again", proclaims tourist Deane Jeeves. He's come to Estonia with the ominously named tour company 'Tallinn Piss Up' to celebrate his stag night. But the behaviour of tourists like him is angering many locals. "They are fat, drunken pigs", states one. There's concern sex tourists are fuelling Estonia's HIV epidemic, especially as many refuse to wear condoms. The country already has the highest HIV rate in the EU. Calls for prostitution to be made illegal in Estonia are growing.

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