Charmian Biggs

Charmian Biggs In-depth profile of the wife of the Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs. Shows her struggle to reconcile her love for her husband with the realisation that he cannot be tamed.
10.38 Footage of 1960s Melbourne suburbs, trams.
11.32 Biggs with young baby.
12.38 Footage of Ronnie and Charmian entertaining in their garden, Australia.
13.45 Ronnie's workmates' reactions after his arrest
13.57 Charmian leaving court after Ronnie fled Australia
16.56 Photos of Nikki Biggs, Ronnie's eldest child, who died aged 10.
17.43 Footage taken outside Nikki's funeral
21.22 Press interview Charmian and Ronnie in prison after discovery of Ronnie in Brazil
22.07 Raimunda (Ronnie's Brazilian girlfriend) pregnant
22.42 Charmian, Ronnie and kids in Brazil together, holidaying on beach.

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