Lo Que Usted no Quiera

Lo Que Usted no Quiera Documentary in Spanish, profiling four families who move to the Costa del Sol in search of a better quality of life. The families explain their reasons behind the move, detail their experiences and explain the various enterprises they have set up in order to support themselves in Spain.
03.09 Zorrilla market place.
06.04 Rio Torrax, one of Andalusia's most fertile valleys. Lush green land.
09.15 Whistling street artist, walking down market place.
12.24 Dutch family tending to their donkeys.
13.06 Market stall selling donkey bells.
13.34 Italian (Valeria) explains advantages of life in Spain compared to Italy
14.52 Shots of the town Triana
18.05 Elvis impersonator at market place.
20.00 Cultivating herbs, organically.
23.36 Decorative carving of wooden furniture in workshop.
26.36 Spanish road sweeper (truck)
27.25 Shots of traditional looking Andalusian pueblo blanco "white town".

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