Inside Bougainville

Rebel action in Papua New Guinea

Inside Bougainville An insightful report on the BRA rebels in Papua New Guinea.
On board a motor boat, BRA rebels skirt along the shore, bringing in medicine for the wounded. Travelling inland to avoid the PNG blockade, dredlocked rebels fire bullets up river. Rumours of civilian massacres at the hands of the PNG army have revived hostilities. A woman who lost one son and two grandchildren shows us the flesh wound, deep on the back of her leg. Her surviving son recalls, "they didn't warn anyone - they just shot them dead." People now look to the BRA for protection and many are leaving the government controlled care centres to live in bush shelters with the rebels. With increasing supplies of weaponry, they were able to capture 5 PNG soldiers during a government assault. Our film concludes by following the deadlocked negotiations between the rebels and the Papau New Guinea government to release the prisoners. Afterwards, BRA Commander, Sam Kaona, reveals that "the situation is quite tense" and that the "enemy" is planning "two angles of approach" to release the hostages. This hard access report includes an interview with Francis Ona, BRA leader and file footage of fighting between rebels and the government forces.

Produced by Wayne Coles Janess

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