Casablanca Kids

Casablanca Kids Every year, thousands of children travel to Casablanca from far-flung shantytowns. Many fall prey to sexual exploitation and cruelty or end up as child labourers. But one doctor is trying to help them.
"I don't like injustice or inequality. I don't like the fact that children are being hurt", explains Dr Najat M'jid, founder of the charity 'Bayti'. "It's important for me to defend these children's rights." Approx 15,000 children sleep rough in Casablanca. Most are addicted to glue or drugs and Moroccans don't thank Dr M'jid for drawing attention to their plight. "The dangers I face are countless. Once, I was threatened with a knife when I tried to help a young boy", states colleague, Omar Saadoun. But despite the risks, they keep on working. Over the past decade, they've helped more than 20,000 children.

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