Timor Attacks

Timor Attacks
Youths attending different rallies from West and East Timor are involved in a confrontational street riot in Dili.

00:01:10:00 Trucks and motorbike parade of youth from the west accompanied by Australian and Malaysian peacekeepers arrive in Dili to attend rally.

00:04:30:00 first rock throwing incident by youths from west towards market run by people from the east.

00:06:29:13 rocks thrown through NGO building

00:07:22:06 Youths trash and burn already destroyed market

00:08:00:00 youths from west provoke youths from east again

00:10:40:00 Market burns

00:13:04:09 Youth to camera "The problem is between the easterners and the westerners"

00:14:23:19 Australian peacekeepers arrive to control situation

00:16:38:13 Australian soldier attempts to extinguish flame with boot.


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