Confined to the Shadows

Confined to the Shadows When Taliban took Kabul, women were immediately confined to the peripheries of society. Martin Adler travels to Afghanistan to report on how the Taliban's zealous interpretation of Islam is affecting the lives of women. A nine year old girl laments that her education has been cut short. An elderly war widow worries that she s now unable to go out to work to feed her family, and a clandestine meeting, women teachers who were forced to quit, express concerns for the future of their country where half the teachers were women. Truck firing powerful weapons Young girl carrying water Armed Taliban driving in truck Taliban from truck talking to camera in arabic? Explosion in hills Explosion in city Devastation of city Women and children behind fence Man discussing women's situation and denial of rights since arrival of Taliban Women in Taliban enforced dress code Asian man discussing artwork man discussing situation of women who used to work with him Female ex-teachers eating and discussing their situation young girl washing dishes and talking about her experiences woman showing a document elderly woman trying to light fire elderly woman talking man discussing Taliban decisions boys sitting on hill outside devastated city

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