Something Rotten in the State

Something Rotten in the State Latvia has had eight governments in the nine years since gaining independence from the Soviet Union. But the latest political crisis came against the background of allegations that senior politicians - including the former Prime Minister and former Justice Minister - had been involved in a paedophile ring. On April 12th the government collapsed over a financial scandal but these far more disturbing allegations remained unanswered. Latvia has a rapacious sex industry and an estimated 2,000 underage prostitutes - although politicians' guilt is hard to assess, it seems there's something rotten in the state of Latvia. A Martin Adler report. fair ground rides close ups long shot fair ground two blondes on street corner in dark trams through street piles of videotapes floppy discs and negatives News programme, "Nedelas" nagala political conference interview with man accused with serious issues interview with man from political conference military brass band playing Latvian flag being waved by monument woman giving speech woman being interviewed about freedom, democracy car travelling through town with foreign voiceover Old Building with carvings partially covered in sheets political meeting male speaker group of young adults in dark and murky bar injured wrists like have been tied up and abused smoke and steam rising through forest family walking beach, woman talking to camera Latvian political meeting interview with young adult male meeting involving some of the politician seen earlier publicity meeting? Interview with spokes person discussing paedophilia man playing cello in street

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