The Rule of the Gun

The Rule of the Gun Law and order have abandoned Albania. Nowhere is safe from banditry fuelled by hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons. Ordinary people have resurrected an ancient Albanian text, the 'Book of Lek', a powerful creed of vengeance. Skander Lilaj is searching for his missing brother kidnapped from a cafe in Vlore. He finds a hidden badly mutilated body, but as he tries to report the crime the choas at the police station leaves us in no doubt that if Skander and his family are to get justice, they are going to have to get it for themselves. The family mourn at the graveside. They share their grief and frustration at the impotence of the police. But if they avenge the killing themselves they may start a blood fued that will echo through the generations to come. A report by Martin Adler. opening shot pan across hill side settlement woman crying hysterically over headstone police tank driving through streets. man in multicoloured balaclava busy market place stereo focussed shot large lorry driving into view with voiceover sniper over looking city children playing on destroyed car with fake guns lower class estate property man in family home looking at family photos talking to camera burnt out van military guards nearby armed military/police-checking cars and passengers room full of weaponry lorry loaded with machine gun and ammo hospitalised man with bandaged face surgery taking place man entering dark cave voiceover looking for brother body lorry driving alongside water, driver gets out to talk to camera then walks through fields lorry driver talking to cattle farmer informal burial of coffin elderly man in street followed as armed police guarding police station same elderly man talks to camera (foreign language) women cleaning/tidying graveyard women crying whilst arranging flowers


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