The Baby Business

The Baby Business Martin Adler goes undercover to report on the profit-driven adoption business in Guatemala. He reveals how children are not being sold to would-be parents from overseas; they are actually being sold to meet demand. 99% of Guatemala's adoptions are organised by private sector agencies and lawyers, who use the weak adoption laws, and the internet, to profit from selling babies. With the 4th highest international adoption rate worldwide, the demand is outstripping supply. Gustavo Tobar has spent three years trying ot get his stolen son back, and in this report we see hmi being let down by yet another judge. Despite a clear need for a new legislation, it's a non-profit organisation that has blocked the new legislation for fear it would prevent families being found for older children and cause a massive increase in street children. busy road in asian city full of buses
voiceover accompaniment as driving through streets upset man staring at photos of children and discussing them in darkened room Mountain range over city multicoloured buses driving roads children playing man looking at adoption agencies on computer adoption centre, kids mainly go to USA, Spain and England white couple walking through settlement with happy children woman talks to camera (foreign lang) woman and man in candle light, woman crying and talking to camera men in suits discussing adoption documents driving along road to town

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