Kidnapped Wives

Kidnapped Wives Economic liberalisation in China has brought an ancient and sinister trade back to life - the kidnapping of women for sale as wives for lonely men. With remarkable access on an issue still classified by the government as 'sensitive', Martin Adler follows a private detective, Zhu Wenguang - one of China's new breed of entrepreneurs - on the trail of his wives and daughters who've been abducted and sold. His investigation takes us thousands of miles to remote Inner Mongolia - only to find that, despite a government campaign to stamp out the trade, the local police refuse to rescue an abducted woman. A remarkable and beautiful film about an ancient practice abolished by communists, that's now coming back to haunt new China. man smoking on phone, packing, checking files costly wedding independent economist dean peng old man washing hands woman in window woman sweeping, interview with her fields private investigator driving man hoeing garden id card and letter kidnapped wife Ping Chengdu former abductor car journey inner Mongolia bleakness hotel room leaving hotel Guyang

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