The Beginning of the End?

The Beginning of the End? Indonesia as it is today depends on the outcome of the Free Aceh rebel's fight agains the government. Unlike east Timor, Aceh has a proven wealth of natural resources, which contribute billions of dollars to the Indonesian economy. It also has a strong independence tradition, and the rebels are determined to fight to the death. The Indonesian government forces will give no ground- and accusations of human rights abuses are rife. Timor may have been a matter of pride-but the army in Aceh is terrified that letting this province go would lead to the break up of all Indonesia. Martin Adler gains exculsive access to the Free Aceh rebels. jungle covered mountains sunglinting Aceh Merdeka guerrilla fighters in bus walkie talkie sequence guerilla commander sitting on jungle floor talking beach and PT Arun plant (gas plant) bodies in back of truck survivors police HQ BRIMOB troops in jungle driving behind police unit ambush training of men going to village greeting mother and interviewing her new women recruits female recruit mosque sunset minaret paddyfield mosque interior bodies mourning

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