Pacific Sphere of War - WWII

Pacific Sphere of War - WWII Dramatic footage of the finale of WWII in the Pacific, as well as unusual aerials of the Eastern Front and Italy. Includes Japanese POW footage as well as the internment of Japanese civilians in the US.

09:01:01 - 09:10:32 - New Guinea & Buna Activities, c.1941-45
09:01:01 MS arrival of Gen. MacArthur in 2-engine bomber. VS MacArthur w/ senior officers inc. Lt. Gen. George C. Kenny and gets into car watched by crowd of USAF? personnel. Car leaves airfield. VS Marines / GIs? in jungle positions. Grenades loaded into launcher and fired. Japanese PoWs, most undernourished, w/ US troops. GIs cross makeshift bridge.
09:03:47 Japanese corpses on beach. GIs w/ landing craft on beach. GIs and PoWs build tank tracks through swamp w/ logs. Tank moves along track. VS natives w/ belongings, guerrillas w/ rifles and US? troops in Jeep move through jungle.
09:08:46 Lt. Gen. Eichelberger w/ Austrian Gen. Blamey. GIs fire grenades from jungle position. Trench full of dead Japanese. Catholic service w/ troops. Eichelberger and Blamey inspect heavy artillery positions.

12:17:40 - 12:28:11 Italy/Yugoslavia 1944 with sound
Papua New Guinea PAcific Army Air Forces - Weekly Digest #38
ALLIED ATTACKS AGAINST ITALY & YUGOSLAVIA, MAY 1944 - all aerials: Aircraft not seen
SEZZE (South of Rome). A-36 strafes transportation facilities. Aerials.
VELETRI. A-36 destroy enemy motor transport.
ROME. To north of city, A-36's strafe truck convoy and near Tiber, shoot up another convoy.
CASTELLANA. Bomb and strafe motor transport.
BOLOGNA. B-25's bomb Vergata bridge and rail line bridge that crosses Rino River.
GENOVA. B-25's bomb dock area and harbor.
PAVIA. 24 May, Tactical Air Force strikes city.
12:21:15 ALLIED ATTACKS AGAINST YUGOSLAVIA, MAY 1944 - aerials & views of bombers:
BOS KRUPA, YUGOSLAVIA. B-24's bomb city.
BANJA LUKA. YUGOSLAVIA. 29 May B-24s bomb German-occupied town.
Jungle patrol and cameramen from 6th Combat Camera unit patrol island and capture Japanese sergeant major. GIs on canoe with natives rowing. GIs wading through water waist-deep. Japanese prisoner carried on litter through jungle and on LCM then led to camp. CU Jap POW behind barbed wire.

18:31:40 - 18:42:01 1943 New Guinea; Pacific
US Marines On Cape Gloucester, New Britain - Bismarck Archipelago (Territory of New Guinea) (Dec43)
MS native holding level by pole. Marine cleaning gun; other marines operate radio equipment. in field & at Communications HQ. Marines queuing by trucks. CU boarding LST ship. Marine in jungle firing rifle. LS aerial combat over sea w/ heavy smoke on shore.
18:33:15 Marines fighting in jungle; marching along muddy road near camp. CU radio & switchboard w/ operator at work.
18:34:30 VS troops coming ashore in dinghys & from LSTs. Landing off LCS. thru surf. Marines eat & prepare rifles. CU flamethrower use. Marine loading grenade into launcher. Civilian? casualty on stretcher.
18:35:42 CU radio operator? filling out Journal sheet w/ "Task Force A" and "Warning order - Embarcation", dated 13Dec.
18:36:12 Marines waiting for ?? Troops on landing craft. Marines examine map of area. Jungle troops throw grenade. Marines resting.
18:36:53 AV LST hits beach, decks lined w/ troops. More jungle scenes, Marines creep thru undergrowth seen from above. Amphibious vehicle leaves transport onto beach; another camouflaged LST behind.
18:38:23 Journal entry: "Mission accomplished". Arawe
18:38:35 LS explosion across water. Marines in jungle. Amphibious vehicle guided onto beach, US flag visible on transport ship. Marines firing rifles & flamethrowers into jungle.
18:40:31 Marines loading supplies onto trucks. AV amphibious vehicle between two transports. Troops on trucks & boarding trucks.
18:41:18 Funeral ceremony for dead Marines. Marines w/ steel helmets & machetes beating undergrowth. Marines advancing along forested shoreline w/ rifles.


00:44:33 - 00:52:56 - New Guinea, 1944
New Guinea - Bougainville, Torokina; Solomon Islands; WWII - Prisoners Of War Camp
Guard patrolling barbed wire of Japanese POW camp. POWs questioned at table inside wire fence. Treating wounded. Japanese-American translator. Cameraman with large motion picture camera. Still photographers. Filming & taking pictures as POWs are questioned. Treating wounds & infection on foot & leg. POW playing homemade stringed instrument. POWs playing cards.
Interrogation conducted by American born Japanese under the supervision of Captain J. Fisher

05:00:01 - 05:09:56 1942 B/W SIL Alien Roundup
Unedited footage - everyday life of Japanese-Americans: women shopping, Japanese schools, banks, offices, and a Shinto temple with American and Japanese flags at entrance - religious ceremonies. Japanese children carry and salute a US flag. Japanese Boy Scout troop & scout recruitment poster; a group of elders meeting; Japanese fishermen bringing in fish at harbour; US destroyers.
05:01:44 Policemen opening and inspecting suitcases by roadside while Japanese family waits in car; women pack their bags after inspection.
05:03:48 Japanese children and adults getting off train under MP surveillance; passengers are searched and queue up to register.
05:07:12 Exterior views internment camp / relocation centre with barracks. Views empty race track, - race horses' departure gates? Horse statue - (race tracks were used to round up Japanese-Americans before sending them to camps).

20:27:15 - 20:36:42 1943 B/W SD Japanese Relocation
Introductory titles re transfer of Japanese-Americans to internment camps .
20:27:56 Director of Relocation Authority Milton S. Eisenhower at desk, statement to camera & narrates.
20:29:02 Ext. houses in San Pedro near Los Angeles, air base & oil wells nearby. Naval ships; fishing boats in harbour, Japanese fishermen. Army officers at map; notice re Japanese evacuation put up.
20:30:35 Japanese families registering, doctor giving medical examination; filling out paperwork to lease or sell their property.
20:31:02 Loading household goods into moving vans; boarding special buses & waving goodbye. Lines of buses; cars on road in convoy. Empty Japanese shops w/ signs for lease or sale & boarded up. Guarded impounded fishing boats at dock.
20:32:04 Buses w/ displaced Japanese arrive for the wait at race tracks & fairgrounds. LS pan over Santa Anita Race Track barracks . Int. of huge canteen dining hall; church service in grandstand; kids walking w/ mother. High shot of men & women making camouflage nets for US army. Pan over barracks being built. Japanese boarding train & pulling out of station. Bus convoy pulling out & into camp on dusty road; passengers off bus & into building. Japanese nurses giving immunization shots. Sign: Americanization Classes - Advanced. College age women taking notes. Community meetings w/ civic award given, applause. Sign: Children's Centre. Woman pouring milk for young children, MCUs.
20:34:56 Group walking in front of barracks, nursery lathe house. Sign: Production Section Guayuule Experiment Plant. Weeding cuttings grown as possible rubber replacement.
20:35:18 - 20:35:41 damaged
Pan over barren farm field & canals. LS & extensive pan of camp at foot of mountains. "...only when circumstances permit the loyal American citizens once again to enjoy the freedom that we in this country cherish; and when the disloyal, we hope, have left this country for good. In the meantime we're setting a standard for the rest of the world in the treatment of peoples who may have loyalties to an enemy nation. We are protecting ourselves w/o violating the principles of Christian Decency, & we won't change this fundamental decency no matter what our enemies do..."
WWII Homefront Propaganda; Concentration Camps; Anti-Democracy; Imprisonment; 1940s;


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