A Martin Adler Report 2

A Martin Adler Report 2 This film explores the impact of the crackdown on Serbia's most wanted: alleged war criminals still at large. Are they any nearer being sent to The Hague? We conclude that a handover is imminent but that the underlying structures, which protect them, are still in place.
12.23.15 Police raid.
12.24.05 Stills of murder victims.
12.24.20 Ivan Stambolic's body.
12.24.54 Funeral of Prime Minsiter Zoram Djindjic, mourners, close-up still of Djindjic.
12.26.35 Serbian soldiers forced entry, drugs, cash, arms haul.
12.27.14 Zemun gang member arrested.
12.27.55 Judge Miroslav Todorovic interview.
12.28.02 Mugshot of Dusan Spasojevic.
12.29.14 Archive of aftermath of police raid on Zemun safe house.
12.29.36 GVs Belgrade
12.29.55 Ceca music video
12.30.33 FC Obilic: empty football stadium
12.32.56 Interior building work - high security court room
12.33.33 Flourishing shopping area in Belgrade

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