Flooding in Paris 1900-1910

Flooding in Paris 1900-1910 Fantastic black and war footage of an era of change showing the lives of people across the world in the inter-war period. Highlights include amazing aerials of New York, and images from Poland, China and the major cities of Western Europe.
00.00.22 wild horses on a plain, Asian horse herding
00.02.30 communist flag flying- possibly Laotian
00.03.56 Lumier and Messter at the congress.
00.04.14 assembly of men in the Versailles park, a banquet in Garden Van Trianon.
00.05.0 Mr. Heriot speaks at the banquet.
00.05.03 The Louvre
00.06.02 crowds walk through the London underground
00.06.19 A tugboat on the Thames
00.07.09 Switchboard operators
00.07.32 People feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square
00.07.42 Shots of Buckingham Palace and Marble Arch
00.07.51 women in long dresses stand near yachts in port.
00.08.16 People walking through Hyde Park, shots of children on the Serpentine
00.09.02 Elizabeth II being escorted by decorated army officials
00.09.14 Picadilly Circus by night
00.09.46 The Royal ballet
00.10.09 train Berlin - Potsdam. filmed from up above.
00.10.41 circus performance. A woman on a rope and a swing - trapeze exercise by Miss Frascoya
0.12.00 Women doing aerobics with hoops, canoing
00.12.33 Female cosmetic measures, facial massages and masques
00.13.53 Antique jewelry and pendants
00.14.50 Female glamour model models large, ornate bonnet hat
00.15.03 A series of models model different sorts of hats
00.16.50 A model smokes a cigarette seductively
00.17.30 A woman organises her wardrobe
00.17.41 War planes fly overhead
00.17.53 Farmer's market
00.18.30 Dramatically lit French newsboys throw about papers
00.20.25 German wartime newsman delivers paper to a housewife; their conversation ends with them heiling Hitler to one another
00.22.00 More vegetable markets
00.22.30 Bizarre- A man pulls a variety of household objects out of a sack- shoes, lamps, etc
0.22.50 Parisian organ grinder surrounded by children
00.23.20 Well dressed blonde German woman receives shoeshine
00.24.49 Bizarre- German official (possibly policeman) carries wardrobe over shoulder, followed by a family
00.26.02 German man in front of stand full of postcards
00.26.12 Fat man fishing in city river
00.26.57 Man with old fashioned mustache sleeps in horse drawn carriage
00.28.15 Street vendor hands out bratwurst
00.30.04 Bizarre- huge crowd of schoolchildren in uniform all playing accordions
00.31.0 Sailboats on the Yangtze
00.32.05 New Orleans Mardi Gras festival; parades of people playing instruments
on buses
00.32.25 Black man in suit dancing in street
00.32.30 Four showgirls tap-dancing on stage for soldiers
00.33.37 Uniformed men leading sheep through snowy landscape
00.33.38 Black men sorting out hay in the back of a wagon
00.34.32 1915 German horse race- Horses racing down a hill.

00.35.55 Foggy shots of mountains

00.36.26 Wine-making; pouring grapes into barrels, crushing them etc

00.37.59 Eastern European country celebrating democracy/independence?

00.38.18 Polish soldiers on horseback in a field

00.39.05 War planes flying in formation

00.39.30 Children lining up to shake the hand of a royal figure

00.39.46 Roller derby

00.40.20 Young Polish sailors in uniform on a boat in port

00.41.31 A market of bizarre goods- old papers, spinning phonographs, horse heads

00.42.47 A cruise ship; people playing shuffleboard, swimming in pools, exercising in gyms, lounging in the sun

00.43.52 People on top of a skyscraper overlooking a city

00.44.02 Biplanes over that same city

00.44.15 Overhead shot of city intersection- unsure if this is same city, but it is quite probably New York

00.45.20 Chinatown

00.45.50 A barbershop, 10 or so men receiving identical haircuts

00.46.25 Posh-looking shops and cafes on Fifth Avenue

00.47.20 Woman in uniform at cosmetics counter "Aids to beauty from Hollywood"

00.47.38 Times Square, loads of adverts and billboards, neon lights

00.49.03 The Miss America beauty pageant

00.48.38 Quite primitive animation in lights

00.49.45 Bizarre- two young black children boxing, crowd cheering

00.50.0 A car performing stunts, going on ramps, crashing through walls of fire

00.50.31 Bizarre- two performers performing balancing act high above city

00.50.42 A dance competition

00.51.03 Hundreds of monkeys running down a hill

00.51.10 Confetti falling onto ticker tape parade for Charles Lindbergh (1927)

00.51.35 Rodeo show, cowboys pulling lassos, bucking broncos etc

00.52.12 Elegant country club, waitresses in large hats, waltzing

00.53.20 Large German cruise ship- Wilhelm Gutloff

00.54.03 Boxing and jousting gym, large coach type man

00.55.10 Quite large woman weighing herself
00.56.0 Peasant girl waving to rows of soldiers with rifles

0.57.10 Men in Arabic headdress walking in procession

00.58.45 Same middle eastern men playing dominoes

00.59.34 Crowds on the side of a street and people on floats throw flowers back and forth; included are people in traditional Dutch dress, complete with windmills

01.00.12 Schoolchildren at long shared desks

01.00.40 A young boy sharpens a very long knife

01.01.22 Women in bathing costumes frolic in pools, under shower heads

01.01.49 Boys march, a line of boys slip on gas masks

01.04.09 A man with a communist symbol on his back sweeps the steps on a ` monument

01.06.30 A Chinese man pulls a rickshaw

01.11.09 Japanese band in traditional dress dance and play the drums on a street

01.11.55 Children wash and brush their teeth

01.12.44 Woman in very large and ornate Japanese costume

01.13.19 Traditional Japanese theatre

01.13.53 Boats and people in port in Shanghai

01.15.12 Street crowded with Asian refugees

01.17.03 Tourists carrying long skis

01.18.22 Doll-making

01.18.50 Bizarre- a little girl dressed as a doll emerges from a box

01.22.09 People canoe in front of a monument in Madrid

01.24.10 The Plaza del Sol in Madrid

01.25.10 Crowds outside the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid

01.26.42 Spaniards playing a card game

01.27.43 A female flamenco dancer

01.28.47 A fashion show

01.30.30 Famous German figures on a boat

01.31.45 Tourists at a French ski resort

01.32.39 Old woman smoking a pipe

01.36.55 An art class, lots of women painting portraits, sculpting things using Greek statues as models


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