The Marching School

The Marching School The Chinese have come up with a unique way of reforming naughty children or bad students. They're sent to 'walking school' and forced to march up to 800 km across the country.
For weeks now, 120 young children have been marching across China. "Our recruits are all bad students. They lack self control", states supervisor Guan Zhi Xiang. "Walking is an outlet for their frustration. Once they are tired, they'll start to reflect". Many of these children have been written off by the traditional school system. But school founder, Mr Xu, believes it's the Chinese education system that's flawed. "How can you judge a child by its grade only?" he states. Through military techniques like marching, he teaches the children to take pride in everything they do. Camp supervisors are encouraged to bond with students and build up their self esteem.

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