Meltdown Bolivia's Andes glaciers, which provide water for millions of people and power the country's hydro-electric plants, are melting at an unparalleled rate. It's estimated that the country will face water shortages within two years.
The Chacaltaya glacier, once the highest ski run in the world, is now a sad sliver of ice. Within the next two years, it will disappear completely. "In twenty years all the glaciers will be gone", predicts glaciologist Edson Ramirez. For millions of people in the cities below, this spells disaster. Glaciers provide 60% of their water. Already, taps in the shanty towns regularly run dry. "There's nowhere for us to get water", despairs one woman. "The global warming problem is being produced by industrial nations and we are facing the consequences", complains official Javier Gonzales.

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