Nature Tech: The Magic Of Motion

Nature Tech: The Magic Of Motion Will plants teach us to replace gasoline with hydrogen? Could the anatomy of a grasshopper be a model for the ultimate off-road vehicle? Exciting new developments in computer technology, chemistry and physics are now enabling us to understand Nature's designs better than ever before. Scientists are not simply trying to copy nature - they are
taking hints, extracting principles and applying winning designs of evolution in a new, human context. Visually, this series is an attractive, fast-paced mix of stunning natural history shots, computer-assisted design and CGI graphics of futuristic inventions, ultra-modern, spacey architecture and high tech as well as scenes of the world's leading designers and engineers at work.
"The Magic of Motion" covers Nature's winning high speed, long range and all-terrain motion designs such as Germany's recent tuna-fish sonic jet.

00.00.00-00.02.30- Nature Tech title/teaser (includes shots of everything that appears later on in the series)

00.02.30-00.04.00- Magic of Motion title/teaser

00.04.0 Plane taking off

00.04.02 Cars speeding

00.04.12 GPS in a car on a busy street

00.04.30 Swans flapping along a river

00.04.41 Old man in medieval sort of costume (meant to be Da Vinci) doing work by candlelight

00.05.05 Pigeon in slow motion flight

00.05.45 3-D animation of how air moves around a bird's wing

00.06.19 Peregrine falcon intercut with pigeon

00.06.51 German thinker in gliding device

00.07.22 Still of Wright brothers and their plane, plane flying erratically

00.07.50 Goshawk dives from a wire, slow motion flight through some pipes

00.08.49 Turkey vultures in a tree with wings outspread, turkey vultures gliding over fields

00.10.01 Virgin Atlantic plane soaring, intercut with pigeon on airway

00.10.55 Slow motion footage of barn owl flying

00.12.02 Computer generated animation and model animation of bird-inspired aircraft

00.13.25 Goshawk taking off from a branch

00.14.30 FSU students flying their model planes

00.14.51 Large fan in wind tunnel, with wing of stork on other end

00.15.14 Turkey vulture gliding

00.16.07 Scientists' model of "winglets"

00.16.23 Plastic plane model with "looped" wings

00.17.19 Vegetables in a kitchen, a housefly buzzes around them

00.17.51 Slow motion flight of fly

00.18.29 Flight of fly being studied in laboratory

00.19.01 Model of fruit fly submerged in oil, demonstrates motion of air around fly

00.19.51 Extreme slow motion of fly in front of vegetables, in great detail

00.20.09 Dragonfly flapping from a branch

00.20.33 Mechanical model of dragonfly at Dutch university

00.21.32 Slow motion footage of dragonfly in mid-flight/hover

00.22.13 King or emperor penguins swimming underwater and landing on an icy shore

00.22.38 Grey nurse shark chasing after fish

00.22.58 Microscopic footage of sharkskin

00.23.24 Swimmer splashing through pool

00.24.35 Underside of shark

00.24.44 Boxfish, being studied in laboratory environment, animation of car resembling the boxfish

00.25.38 Bicycler pedalling through field

00.25.59 Roach, probably the German cockroach, crawling across cabbage and carrots

00.26.24 Stick insect crawling across two plates

00.27.10 Spectrograph of stick insect leg sensors

00.27.30 Robot built to mimic a stick insect

00.28.15 Slow motion of German cockroach running across cheese grater

00.28.43 Study of Death's head roach speeds in lab at UC Berkeley

00.29.13 Ultra slow motion of roach on treadmill

00.29.50 "sprawlita," robot roach on treadmill, and iSprawl, running along university buildings

00.30.54 Ghost crab emerging out of sand hole, running along beach

00.31.17 Ghost crab being studied in lab

00.32.24 Woman walking with dog in garden

00.32.38 Close-up of millipede

00.32.29 Stone centipede on branch

00.33.54 Segmented robot at Penn State laboratory

00.35.50 Roach climbing a wall

00.36.01 Robot roach climbing a wall

00.37.01 Fly climbing on glass, followed by microscopic analysis of its legs

00.37.56 American green tree frog on similar glass surface

00.38.44 Microscopic detail of frog's toes

00.39.33 Leopard gecko clinging to a wall

00.40.10 Microscopic detail of gecko's feet

00.42.24 Robot gecko, mimicking action of real gecko

00.43.01 Caribou walking across the tundra

00.44.54 Gymnast walking on balance beam

00.45.11 Asimo robot in Japan

00.47.48 Gymnast doing multiple backflips

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