Nature Tech: Lifepower

Nature Tech: Lifepower Will plants teach us to replace gasoline with hydrogen? Could the anatomy of a grasshopper be a model for the ultimate off-road vehicle? Exciting new developments in computer technology, chemistry and physics are now enabling us to understand Nature's designs better than ever before. Scientists are not simply trying to copy nature - they are
taking hints, extracting principles and applying winning designs of evolution in a new, human context.
Visually, this series is an attractive, fast-paced mix of stunning natural history shots, computer-assisted design and CGI graphics of futuristic inventions, ultra-modern, spacey architecture and high tech as well as scenes of the world's leading designers and engineers at work.
"Lifepower" focuses on Nature's energy production and conservation methods and speculates on future solutions to one of the most pressing problems of today's humanity.

00.00.04 Sunlight shining through tall deciduous forest

00.00.09 Cheetah and gazelle running

00.00.15 Kangaroo hopping through outback

00.00.22 Hawk/falcon soaring (check later)

00.00.30 Cavemen gathering around a fire, smith beating metal with a hammer, etc

00.00.56 Smokestack spewing black smoke

00.01.02 Mechanical mill parts turning

00.01.08 Computer motherboard, hands tapping on keyboards

00.01.51 Nature tech title card

00.01.58 Snake, some species of viper, emerging from tree stump to prey on a mouse

00.02.09 Preying mantis and a cricket

00.02.22 Large furry dragonfly captures an insect

00.02.33 Wasp attacking another bug

00.02.53 Chameleon extending tongue to catch lizard

00.03.23 Footage of "ecobot", robot that eats flies

00.05.03 More footage of deciduous forests

00.06.14 Archival footage of demolition

00.06.25 Fossils, overlaid w/ shots of fire and time lapse of sun setting

00.07.29 Solar panels

00.07.51 Moth flying towards camera (it is blue in colour with spotted wings, there are too many moth types for me to identify it)

00.07.58 Another moth, this time with red fur on its back

00.08.15 Magnification of moth eyes

00.09.03 Scientist coating plate of glass with light sensitive coating

00.09.30 Closeup of moths-eye coating layer

00.10.10 Closeup of arctic poppies tracking the sun

00.10.48 Gemini house in Austria, with rotating solar panels

00.12.02 Computer animated model of the inside of a leaf cell, models of chloroplasts, etc

00.13.35 Satellite footage of Earth, sun

00.14.20 Footage of space shuttle

00.14.59 Hybrid car, followed by hydrogen fuel cells

00.17.23 Water dripping off of leaves

00.17.33 Multicoloured leaves floating down a river

00.17.56 Waterfall

00.18.20 Termite nest in middle of savannah

00.18.53 Termite soldiers making nest

00.19.29 Scientist reading temperature inside the nest

00.21.35 JCB tool slicing nest in half

00.23.15 Workers injecting nest with gypsum mixture

00.25.10 Gypsum structure of termite nest tunnels

00.26.05 Scientists scan termite mound by taking thousands of photos

00.27.01 Computer model of termite mound

00.28.20 Vegetables being cut, browsing the internet at high speeds

00.28.40 Cockroach on vegetables, a cell phone

00.29.50 Cockroach hairs being observed in a laboratory

00.30.40 Footage of surface of Mars, and spider-like Mars rovers

00.31.41 Ormia fly facing camera, about to prey on mole cricket

00.32.36 Ormia larvae on body of mole cricket

00.32.53 Ormia fly being studied in laboratory

00.34.05 Microscopic detail of ormia ears

00.35.04 Smoke beetle clinging to side of leaf

00.35.16 Closeup of smoke beetle sense organs

00.35.29 Said sense organs being studied in laboratory

00.35.58 Forest fire

00.36.43 Smoke beetles mating

00.37.19 Honeybee on purple flower (look later), slow motion footage of honeybee flying

00.37.49 Many bees in commercial hive

00.38.28 Bees in tunnel experiment designed by Australian students

00.39.49 Microscopic detail of bees' eyes

00.40.35 Caltech student studying fruit fly in wind tunnel

00.42.41 Model of Mars rover on surface of Mars

00.43.10 Wood ant colony, eating other insects

00.44.13 Robots mimicking wood ant colony social structure

00.46.20 Russian woman painting ants in forest, ants interacting

00.47.12 Truck like robots making their way across a field

00.48.12 Swarm of Mars rovers

00.48.47 Satellite composite of Mars, Earth, nondescript planets

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