Living Art

Living Art From Monet to Rembrandt, Artists have expressed their ideas in their gardens as works of art. This breathtakingly beautiful documentary explores how four famous modern artists express themselves through their gardens.
Ghada's garden reflects her ideas on womanhood, rarely lasting more than one season. Kenzo's stand in bold opposition: perpetuating the age-old Japanese tradition of a garden as nature tamed. Xenia cultivates her garden as a means of freeing herself- a 'question of recognising uncontrollable processes without trying to constrict them in a corset'. For Charles his garden is a commentary on chaos and creation. 'As a critique of nature a garden is not just a retreat' Charles declares 'it's an attack'. In the cultural history of the world, the garden has been the epitome of creation. A stunning exploration of art's relationship with our ever changing world.

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