Separatist ETA Revives

The Basque separatists striving for independence

Separatist ETA Revives When the Basque separatist group, ETA, murdered a young local politician early in 1997 millions of Spaniards protested. Yet Spain's national outcry against ETA seems to have done little to quash its bloody thirty year drive for independence.
In San Sebastian, 13,000 ETA supporters march unopposed through the streets. Igor Mota led a pro-ETA March Of Liberty all over the Basque country and is contemptuous of Basque people who denounced the ETA killing of Miguel Blanco. "We have experienced threats from the Basque police, that they are going to kill us" he says. Local support for ETA was hit by the killing explains journalist Humbero Unzueta, yet the long suppression of Basque culture means even moderates still crave independence. Archive footage of the bombing of the capital Guernica by Franco in 1937 and survivor Pablo Izaguirre, paint a graphic picture of the devastation. In a social club for ETA's political wing, a sign proclaims "Kill The Police". Basque children sing ancient folk songs in the hills above Guernica. The miseries of dictatorship are gone but the Basque land is still destined not to know peace.

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