End of the Runway

End of the Runway A short documentary about the controversial 'Third Runway' being built at Heathrow Airport. We follow NOTRAG, the local residents organization based in Hillingdon who are firmly opposed to its expansion. We also focus on the infamous climate change camp held in August 2007 by climate change campaigners concerned with the negative effects that the expansion of Heathrow Airport will have on the planet.
00:39 Climate Change Protestors gathering en-masse at BA Headquarters
01:03 British Airways Planes airborne
02:20 Protestors chanting "No more Runways"
03:01 Residents of Hillingdon being interviewed about the third runway
03:46 BA Plane taking off on runways CU
07:01 Climate Camp protest footage
08:44 Residents complaining about the negative environmental consequences of a Third Runway.
10:02 more climate camp footage on fields and tents

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