Iraq Aftermath Archive

Iraq Aftermath Archive Few journalists were allowed to report from Baghdad during the invasion in 2003. When the security apparatus vanished overnight between 8th and 9th of April, most journalists were slow to react to the new opportunity, thus not covering the early start of widespread looting and Shiite celebration.
But this startling footage shows the early looting and euphoria as the Shiites of East Baghdad celebrated the fall of the Ba'athist regime. This is followed by US troops entering Firdos Square and tearing down the statue of Saddam Hussein. After the 10th of April the footage shows US troops blocking one of the bridges dividing the capital using wrecks containing dead Iraqi soldiers as barracades.
02:00 - 02:11 Civilians killed by US cluster bombs near the town of Hillah, end of March.
02:11 - 02:42 Oil fires in Baghdad, intended to protect the city against US air strikes.
02:42 - 03:00 Site of previous fighting between US and Iraqi forces, Southern part
of Baghdad. One US tank and several Iraqi artillery pieces and vehicles were destroyed. Iraqis shouting slogans and celebrating.
03:00 - 03:39 Destroyed US Abrams tank. Iraqi soldier in recovery vehicle doing V-sign before trying to remove Abrams tank.
03:39 - 03:55 Iraqi soldiers demonstrating in front of Palestine hotel.
03:55 - 04:13 US bombing the west side of the Tigris river, 8th of April.
04:13 - 05:00 Aftermath of US bombing of a restaurant in the Mansour district on the 7th of April, in a raid targeting Saddam Hussein.
05:00 - 05:27 Weapons and ammunition abandoned by the Iraqi forces, 9th of April.
05:27 - 07:22 US forces approaching and taking control of Firdos Square in central Baghdad, 9th of April.
07:22 - 07:42 Soldier covering the face of the Saddam-statue with the US flag.
07:42 - 08:43 Tearing down the Saddam Hussein statue.
08:43 - 12:00 Looting of governmental warehouses, offices and buildings in Shia parts of East Baghdad, before noon, 9th of April.
Jubilations and praising of Bush among looters.
12:00 - 13:14 Shiite demonstrating at mosque previously closed by Saddam Hussein. Crowd shouting anti-American and anti-Saddam slogans, before noon, 9th of April.
13:14 - 13:31 Dead Iraqi soldier, 10th of April.
13:31 - 13:41 US troops blocking the bridge over Tigris, 10th of April.
13:41 - 13:47 Iraqis wanting to cross the bridge.
13:47 - 14:35 Obstacle on bridge consisting of destroyed vehicles containing dead Iraqis.
14:35 - 14:49 Iraqis leaving after understanding that they cannot pass the bridge.
14:49 - 15:07 Car set ablaze by looters.
15:07 - 15:42 US troops with governmental building burning in the background. Building set ablaze by looters without soldiers intervening. 10th of April
15:42 End of footage.

Originally shot on DVCAM.

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