President Gonzalo and the Shining Path

President Gonzalo and the Shining Path On the 12th of September 1992, the leader of the Shining Path rebel movement, Abimael Guzman, aka President Gonzalo, was captured by Peruvian security forces in the capital Lima. On the 24th of September he was shown off to the world's press dressed in a striped prisoner suit. In this exceptional archive we take you right into the mountains with the Shining Path rebels. We follow a group of Shining Path activists in the shanty towns surrounding Lima blockading one of the main roads into the capital in protest. We travel with a large group of insurgents through the Upper Huallaga Valley. We are witness to the horrendous human rights abuses committed by the army: teachers arrested, civilians murdered. Includes footage of a village closed to Tingo Maria.
02:00 - 02:27 Security forces guarding location of captured President Gonzalo.
02:27 - 02:34 President Gonzalo
02:34 - 02:44 Local journalist shouting insults (believed to be a cameraman working for
the strongly pro-government Channel 2).
02:44 - 03:20 President Gonzalo
03:20 - 03:25 Black
In context: After the capture of President Gonzalo the Shining Path launched
several political operations under the slogan: "For the life and health of
President Gonzalo". One of these operations was blocking the main road into
Lima, not allowing vehicles to pass.
03:25 - 03:53 Urban Shining Path activists showing home-made hand grenade, explaining
how the grenade works.
03:53 - 04:47 Shining Path sympathizers blocking road early morning.
04:47 - 04:52 Black
In context: Peruvian president Fujimori had earlier that year accused the
country's teachers of spreading Shining Path propaganda, calling them
04:52 - 05:16 Soldiers at the site where one day earlier Shining Path insurgents attacked
a truck carrying soldiers with grenades and rifle-fire, killing about 20 soldiers.
05:16 - 06:23 The same soldiers arresting and taking away all nine teachers in the nearby
village. Among the arrested is a woman with her small child.
06:23 - 06:32 Crying women in village.
06:32 - 06:53 Leading teachers toward base.
06:53 - 06:58 Black
In context: The Huallaga Valley in Northeast Peru was from the late 1980s a major stronghold for the Shining Path. The group in the footage operated in
the southern part of the valley, in between the town of Tingo Maria and Tocache. For security reasons it was not allowed to film the faces of the
06:58 - 07:14 Fighters passing the body of a dead army soldier.
07:14 - 07:45 Patrolling in an area with a confirmed army presence.
07:45 - 09:37 A group of more than 60 Shining Path fighters doing military exercises and
drills while shouting slogans, various shots.
09:37 - 11:00 A group of more than 30 Shining Path fighters doing ambush training
- divided into two groups, one of which pretends to be army soldiers.
11:00 - 11:12 Group lining up in military formation.
11:12 - 11:55 Five men patrol.
11:55 - 12:39 Body of dead Shining Path fighter captured wounded - but alive - by the army
a few hours before. As he had gold teeth in his under jaw, the soldiers
simply cut out his jaw and brought it with them.
A Shining Path fighter explaining the death in political terms.
12:39 - 13:04 Sound of helicopter approaching sparks an exodus by both Shining Path
fighters and civilians into nearby hills.
13:04 - 13:18 A fighter taking up position, awaiting an army offensive.
13:18 - 14:08 A column of approximately 25 fighters moving down to the lowland.
In context: In the affected areas it was widely known that if the army captured
anyone in the so-called "Red Zones", they would probably be regarded as
Shining Path sympathizers or activists - running the risk of being killed at the
14:08 - 14:22 A tree men patrol reaching a site where two women and a young boy had
been executed by the army.
14:22 - 14:51 Fighter approaching and turning young boy executed by the army. Close up
reveals the boy was killed by shot to his head, large damage indicate he was
shot with a rifle.
14:51 - 14:57 9mm (pistol) cartridge found close to body of one of the executed women.
14:57 - 15:09 Showing both executed women. First shows clear signs of having been beaten before killed, second woman had her clothes torn open, indicating she had been raped before the execution.
15:09 - 15:39 Shining Path fighter explaining - in political terms - the killing of these civilians.
15:39 - 15:48 Nightshot of Shining Path group.
15:48 - 16:04 Fighter cleaning his weapon.
16:04 - 16:26 Another fighter cleaning his weapon.
16:26 - 16:35 Shining Path members sewing Maoist banner.
16:35 - 17:18 Fighter receiving first aid after accidentally shooting himself in the foot while
cleaning his rifle.
17:18 - 18:18 Older Shining Path fighter explaining the use of rifle grenades captured by
the army.
18:18 - 21:06 Political Officer of group explaining what political and military impact the
capture of President Gonzalo has had on the Shining Path.

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