Sharpville Spirit

Sharpville Spirit Made in South Africa under the State of Emergency, Sharpville Spirit explores the grassroots resistence culture of three generations in the township of Sharpeville. Since the brutal shootings of 1960, Sharpeville has come to represent the bloodiest side of apartheid. This film allows unique access to the people behind the news reports, and an insight into the animosity of modern-day South African politics.
Sharpville Spirit

10:00:17 Sharpville rooftops
10:01:10 Meeting of Sharpville residents
10:03:33 Departure and car journey with shots of the town
10:04:29 Interview with elderly lady describing the shootings of 1960
10:07:07 Play rehearsal; performers chant in a circle
10:09:40 Interview with elderly lady continues; description of rent-increases
10:12:31 Young men of the town sing a political resistance song
10:17:17 A group interview; residents describe police brutality
10:20:28 Sharpville residents watch a TV news report, food parcels are distributed
10:25:31 Interviews with women and children about life in Sharpville and the cruelty of the regime
10:33:23 The performers discuss their play
10:37:12 A party; residents dance, drink and talk
10:39:05 Interview with the elderly lady continues; shots of her feeding her grandchildren
10:40:45 Landscape shots and music
10:41:27 Young men sing in graveyard
10:42:40 Interview with middle-aged lady, discussion of the State of Emergency
10:44:56 Men lie next to grave singing. Shots of graveyard
10:46:59 Interview with middle-aged lady contd.
10:47:59 Shots of the lake and town
10:48:20 END

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