It's A Man's World

It's A Man's World An intimate report on the motivations and urges of America's ever-growing transgender population, and the prejudices that they face on a daily basis.
Some people in the USA are intent on subverting long-held gender norms and stereotypes. Some of Diane Tor's clients are lesbians, others have children and families. They all want to be men. A former strip-tease artist, today Diane is costume manager. She teaches them how to conceal their femininity, how to bind their breasts, and how to add a healthy measure of masculinity: a penis, in the form of tubular bandage. Some choose to dress as gangsters, others look more like Laurel and Hardy. Why do they get their kick out of aping men around the streets of NYC? "To adopt a role they can play that they could never have played," argues psychologist Arthur Stein. "It's sexy for a woman to explore different Images of themselves," insists Ajae. "It certainly helps me to stand bigger." An intimate report on an inner female urge.

Produced by Marion Mayor-Hohdahl

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