To Baghdad with Love

To Baghdad with Love Al-Babaliya's journalists are media refugees, broadcasting 24-hour news to Iraq from the comparative safety of Jordan. They accuse the Western media of avoiding the full story back home, a situation they hope to change.
The station is one without a religious allegiance, a remarkable breakthrough in a country riven by sectarian strife. The owner, Sadeq Mitlak, has a noble message: 'You are an Iraqi citizen regardless of whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Sunni, a Shiite, a Kurd or this or that'. However, the agency is not one without ideological baggage. The Americans are demonised as 'an occupying force' and the station's sympathies grant them exclusive, and often brutal, footage from insurgents. When asked if Mitlak fears his reports will provoke copycat suicide bombings, he answers 'I myself sometimes think of putting on a belt and blowing up Americans'.

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