Two Tales of Kabul

Two Tales of Kabul Kabul is divided between the rich and poor, optimism and pessimism, development and disappointment. As entrepreneurs pump money into a steadily increasing economy, the poor are being left even further behind.
'We want the fighting to stop and a Caliph, an Islamic state. If there was an Islamic state... there would be no need for foreigners to be here." Says refugee Nandoy Mama. He and his family fled from the Helmand province when their tent was burnt down. Now Mama must fight off 70 people for water at his nearest well to make mud for a new house. Meanwhile entrepreneur Farhad Ghafoor sips coffee at a 4-star hotel in Kabul. 'It's really a nice place where you can bring your guests and impress them.'"After living in the US for several years Farhad returned to his homeland where he now runs a successful internet business. "You have to have the vision. If you don't have the vision, you never go ahead in life." Meanwhile, people like Mama are fighting to survive: "Why is it such a struggle just to fill our stomachs?"

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