Eco-fuel Kills The Orang-utans

Eco-fuel Kills The Orang-utans Hailed as an eco-friendly bio fuel, palm oil has been dubbed 'the New Gold'. However, its exploitation has taken a devastating toll on the delicate ecosystem of Indonesia's rainforests.
The natural habitat of many animals, including the endangered Orang-utan is being systematically destroyed. Humankind's closest relative is facing exctinction to satisfy demand for this precious new commodity. "To date around 60 million hectares of rainforest have been destroyed. This is the area of France." Ironically, the 'slash and burn' technique used to produce Palm Oil, which involves burning land once the trees have been felled has led to Indonesia becoming the third-largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the world. How can we meet surging energy demands without further damaging our planet? Palm oil is unfortunately not the answer.

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