End of a Dynasty

End of a Dynasty After ten years of conflict, Nepal's feudal system has finally crumbled. As one of the most violent Maoist leaders is voted Prime Minister, we ask, can Nepal's new republic find the peace it so desperately needs?
The struggle cost the lives of 13,000 people and denied the country millions of tourist dollars. Headmasters were executed in schools and their children stolen for re-education. In the village of Beni, a shocking attack against government officials spilled into the streets. "The idea was to attack the government machinery, give a blow to the morale of the security forces," says journalist Kunda Dixit. Their brutal guerrilla leader Prachanda "was so enigmatic there were rumours he didn't actually exist." He did exist, and in April was voted as Nepal's first Prime Minister. The snappy dressing middle class teacher is hardly an emblem of class struggle, yet Prachanda maintains that communism isn't at the top of his agenda. "We are fighting against feudalism, to establish a democratic republic." Yet, with the King toppled, why do many remain convinced there's still a war to fight?

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