Journey into the Unknown

The white South Africans starting again in the Congo

Journey into the Unknown The trials and tribulations of a group of white South Africans resettling in the Congo. After the apartheid, many white people felt life in South Africa would be unsustainable going forwards. The Congo offers a new beginning - but they soon find antipathy from the locals and a lack of understanding from both parties has followed them to their new home.
"Stay in this country?" retorts South African farmer Frans Cronjé. "We are going bankrupt. There's no future for farming in this country." With his family on tow, he is hoping to start again in the Congo. The Congolese government has granted them land and some start-up capital, since many farmers have had to virtually give away their land in South Africa. However soon the black workers go on strike, complaining of racism and low pay. In the shadow of apartheid, is there a way for both black and white African citizens to live harmoniously side-by-side?

Produced by Marion Mayor Hohdahl

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