Losing their Marbles

Losing their Marbles During the British occupation of Greece, Lord Elgin ordered his men to saw the Parthenon's marble in half to decorate his home back in England. Now Greece wants to unite the halves in its modern museum.
Between the Acropolis and a museum whose architecture is dedicated to it, stands two apartments facing the threat of demolition. One is a rare example of 1930s deco, the other, late 1800s neo-classical. "If you demolish something of value you show no respect for culture, so why do you want the Elgin marbles back?" says art deco specialist Marina. The British Museum has already shown signs of distrust, "they couldn't lend something if they thought it wouldn't be returned." One crusader sees it as his mission to unite the Parthenon marbles, he is EasyJet tycoon Stelios Haji-Ioannou "I have a realistic chance of being an honest broker between the two sides."

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