McCain's Hard Yards

McCain's Hard Yards In the mining towns of Pennsylvania, white, middle-class voters are busy debating in diners. Formally a Republican stronghold, Obama sees a chance to win ground here. We take a look at McCain's last fight.
Republican volunteers are busy drumming up support by phoning voters. Those who make the most calls will meet John McCain's wife Cindy. "I emphasise 'Do you support Barrack Hussein Obama?'" asks Josiah. Elsewhere, diners stare at the glare of a television screen. McCain echoes across Fox News as his viewers scoff at Obama's economics, "Pure Marxism, communist." Yet with Obama's support growing, the Republicans desperately need Pennsylvania back. Cue Sarah Palin. She's been making pit stops across the state but is yet to win over the crowd, including some out of place and curious Hillary Clinton supporters. Some in the crowd, are so hostile they even suggest emigrating if McCain wins, claiming he will take America "back to the '50s."

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