Dili Dynasty

Dili Dynasty How do you rebuild a country from scratch? There's billions of oil dollars in the bank, but no infrastructure or expertise. Melbourne's Pires family and politician Steve Bracks are working on the problems.
"Right now we have about three billion dollars in our fund." Emilia Pires is the Finance Minister. Her grandfather fled in 1975 dreaming of an independent East Timor. Educated in Melbourne, Emilia has now returned home to realise that dream. But the problems are huge. The capital's power station is a dirty shack full of ancient diesel engines. Basics are in short supply. "If there are two generators that need servicing we have to share the tools," tells an engineer. Emilia flies back to Melbourne for a brief visit to see her husband. The couple laugh, "We haven't even had our honeymoon!" An intimate insight into the Pires family as they work to rebuild East Timor.

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