The Glowing Mountains

The Glowing Mountains The village of Wuda lies between the Yellow River and the Gobi Desert and it's dangerously close to the coal fires beneath the earth. Burning furiously, they release as much CO2 as all the cars in Germany.
China's decreasing supply and increasing demand for coal means that speed is more important here than safety. "The pollution here is really bad. But nobody cares", one villager tells us. China's mines are the most unstable in the world, yet the country relies on coal to feed its enormous industrial economy. Extreme weather conditions make life even harder for villagers. "In the summer temperatures soar, while in winter they can plummet to -40". Coal thieves dig small tunnels and make off with the coal. The tunnels let in air which makes the coal ignite, creating more heat. A seemingly endless cloud of smoke hangs over the horizon.

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