Energy for Life

Energy for Life Should the ancient Chinese rituals of Feng Shui be translated for a European audience?
The art of Feng-Shui, meaning 'wind' and 'water', achieves peace and harmony using the energy from both natural and artificial surroundings. It is traditionally used within Chinese culture and has been practiced for over two thousand years there. But the translation of Feng-Shui principles for Western culture now threatens the foundations of this ancient Chinese tradition.

G√ľnther Sator, a professional Feng Shui Advisor believes there is a dire need to translate all things into modern Western traditions: 'Feng Shui works here in Austria with things that are part of our culture already. They simply fit.'

Whether it be curing a young boy's nightmares, increasing a company's annual revenue or improving the recovery of hospital patients, Energy for Life shows us the application of this ancient art in western society and the effects this has on those who have chosen to embrace it.

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