British Troops In Baghdad: 1917 - 1920

British Troops In Baghdad: 1917 - 1920 It is the last phase of 'The Great Game'. The Anglo-Russian Alliance has been signed, and British colonialists assert their control over Afghanistan with a heavy military presence. British and Indian soldiers parade through the streets on horses and camels, and officers drive their motorcars through the city. In the markets and ports of Baghdad, Afghans go about their daily business, working on the ships and roads, socialising in men's clubs and sitting in the markets. Shot in the era of the time of the last Anglo-Afghan War in 1919, this atmospheric footage offers a fascinating glimpse into a lost world. 10:01:02:13 Indian Troops marching through Bagdad
10:01:43:03 Afghans watch camera, watch troops marching through street
10:03:05:23 Early motorcar
10:03:10:03 Men riding camels pass through street
10:04:00:15 Baghdad port with wooden boats
10:04:28:00 Bustling street scenes
10:05:07:05 River shots, wooden canoes, industrial steamboats
10:05:52:22 Donkeyherds at work, workman sprinkles the roads with water
10:06:38:22 British officers leave HQ, guards salute, officers parade through streets followed by Afghan flag-bearers
10:07:43:08 Afghan men smoking, socializing and working
10:08:21:00 Steamboat on river. POV shots from boat: sailboats, cruisers, men running alongside on bank, British sailor smoking pipe, paddle-steamer, village on riverbank.

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