Raising the Glass Ceiling

Raising the Glass Ceiling In many countries, today's young women haven't had to struggle for equality and on many levels women can do anything a man can. But is it safe to rest on our laurels? We chart the major triumphs of the Women's Liberation Movement and examine women's rights worldwide.
'In parliament the MPs shouted "take her and rape her"' Afghani MP Malalai Joya recalls. 'They have learned to wear a tie, how to talk about women's rights, but that's all'. In Kenya violence against women is rife. 'If we see a man beating a woman we like it', explains one farmer. 'It knocks sense into her'. Despite its laws protecting women the USA has one of the highest levels of rape worldwide, yet in China economic growth has improved women's rights. Is the time ripe for a new wave of feminism? This moving film encompasses the beauty, strength and diversity - as well as the suffering - of women, with a soundtrack dominated by female vocals.

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