Bahrain International Airport

Bahrain International Airport Colour, ambient sound, general views terminal exterior, aircraft movement, ground services.
12:00:33 12:01:00 Egypt Air A300 parked @ gate, ground services vehicles preparing plane for next flight, zoom in to c/u
12:01:05 12:01:27 service vehicles, pan to aircraft
12:01:27 12:01:59 exterior Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower, baggage & service vehicles driving past
12:01:59 12:02:16 airport fire engine driving past
12:02:16 12:05:16 Gulf Air A320 taxiis past & pulls up to gate
12:05:16 12:05:46 track along terminal exterior, planes parked at gates, service vehicles, Egypt Air A300
12:05:46 12:05:51 track along service road, exterior of ATC tower
12:05:51 12:07:03 Kuwait Airways A310 coming in to land
12:07:03 12:12:23 Kuwait Airways A310 on tarmac nose facing camera, taxiis past & parks @ gate, track full circle round plane, pallets in foreground loaded with cargo
12:12:23 12:15:20 Iran Air 727 taxiis up to gate, ground crew & vehicles, track full circle round plane
12:15:20 12:15:45 track along exterior of terminal and under the tail fin of A300
12:15:45 12:16:41 wide shot of row of aircraft parked at terminal gates, movement of service vehicles
12:16:41 12:17:37 c/u Egypt Air A300 p/out to w/s of row of planes parked at gates
12:17:37 12:21:12 Gulf Air A320 taxiis past, parks @ gate, row of planes at gates, track along row of aircraft
12:21:12 12:22:01 aircraft parked on tarmac, ATC tower in background, plane taxiis out of shot
12:22:01 12:22:16 row of aircraft parked at gates, sun setting in background
12:22:16 12:22:25 tailfin Kuwait Airways
12:22:25 12:22:46 tailfins of two aircraft, ground services vehicles, sun low in background
12:22:46 12:23:24 tanker service vehicle driving past, row of aircraft in background
12:23:24 12:23:33 ATC tower
12:23:33 12:24:33 row of aircraft parked at gates, sun setting in background
12:24:33 12:24:41 aircraft airbourne having just taken off
12:24:41 12:26:37 row of aircraft parked at gates, zoom in to setting sun setting framed by tailfin of plane
12:26:37 12:26:50 row of aircraft
12:26:50 12:28:18 Pakistan Air 737 taxiis past, joins row of aircraft parked at gates
12:28:18 12:30:12 track along row of aircraft parked at gates

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