China Slowdown

China Slowdown China's economy is in danger. We travel to Dongguan, the Southern market city known as 'the workshop of the world' to discover just how the global financial crisis is bringing down the Asian Giant.
Here in Dongguan, factories and high-rises seem to stretch endlessly into the horizon. But this once booming supplier of cheap goods is now seeing factories close their doors and workers fired and sent back to their poor villages. 'This is the most difficult time I've ever seen' says the owner of a watch factory in business for 30 years. It's even bleaker for workers. If an employer doesn't want to pay compensation for a dismissal 'they just reduce our pay and keep us hanging on' says one victim of the closure of 2000 factories. Deputy Mayor Jiang Ling is confident that the city's appeal to 'rich people to invest' and 'poor people to work' will ensure that it weathers the economic storm. But the 2 million migrant workers making the long trip home from Dongguan this month, are not so sure.

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