Project Aeronauticus

Project Aeronauticus B&W, commentary by Raymond Baxter, R & D work carried out by RAE, circa 1950s
00:05:52 00:06:09 exterior shot of windtunnel buildings
00:06:09 00:06:30 aircraft model in windtunnel
00:06:30 00:06:44 low-speed windtunnel trials with delta wing shape
00:06:44 00:06:58 scientists conferring over reports
00:06:58 00:07:26 aircraft models launched by rocket for test flights
00:07:26 00:07:39 pre-flight models dropped from balloon to test spinning characteristics of aircraft
00:07:39 00:07:51 technicians & designers at drawing boards
00:07:51 00:08:20 row of research aircraft parked on airfield
00:08:20 00:09:05 technicians fitting camera to research aircraft, aircraft taxiing
00:09:05 00:09:38 aircraft in-flight, demonstrating airflow over wing
00:09:38 00:10:27 `flying bedstead` VTOL research vehicle, test flight
00:10:27 00:10:48 Fairy Delta research aircraft in flight
00:10:48 00:11:38 technicians monitoring equipment, accelerometer, gyroscope
00:11:38 00:11:47 test aircraft rotating in-flight
00:11:47 00:12:23 ground tests with Hunter test aircraft
00:12:23 00:12:45 test pilot & scientist conferring
00:12:45 00:13:48 test flight testing effects of rapid roll of aircraft, aircraft taxiing
00:13:48 00:14:29 scientists analysing results
00:14:29 00:15:05 Fairy Delta test aircraft taking off, view down runway, in-flight
00:15:08 00:15:32 Caption: "Rockets & Missiles". Rocket in laboratory
00:15:32 00:19:24 scientists & engineers working in guided weapons dept, experimental missile, TRIDAC computer studying complete weapons sysytems
00:19:24 00:19:52 aerial view of test range
00:19:52 00:20:49 scientists working on development of rocket engines, testing of metals, gas spectrometer, study of combustion, laboratory
00:20:49 00:20:59 designers @ drawing boards, machinists making parts
00:20:59 00:22:37 testing component parts for rockets, rocket propellants, test facilities, test firings
00:22:37 00:23:29 Aberporth test range, preparation tests on rocket, wheeling it out of lab
00:23:29 00:25:17 rocket loaded on rocket launcher, checking instrumentation, hi-speed camera to record flight, technicians preparing for launch
00:25:17 00:26:24 rocket launch, rocket launch on test aircraft
00:26:26 00:28:36 Caption: "Mechanical Engineering". Engineers working on problems of ice build-up in aircraft engines
00:28:36 00:30:54 Javelin aircraft parking, pilot in cockpit, R & D into protective clothing for aircrew, special flight suits, pressure suits, immersion suits, anti-G suit
00:30:54 00:31:12 design of man-carrying parachutes, paratrooper trials from Hastings aircraft
00:31:12 00:32:03 supply dropping trials, dropping 1 tonne tank from aircraft using parachutes
00:32:03 00:32:32 Vulcan with braking parachute to aid desceleration on landing
00:32:32 00:32:45 Fairy delta landing with cluster of 3 brake parachutes
00:32:46 00:33:39 ejection seat trials from aircraft in flight, slo-mo ejection thru cockpit canopy using dummy man, ejection seat test rig
00:33:39 00:34:06 dummy man on rocket sledge test rig testing safety harnesses and seats during rapid desceleration
00:34:06 00:34:24 aircraft in flight, bomb dropping trial, tests on fuel tank fires
00:34:25 00:35:56 Caption: "The Sinews of Research" industrial machinery for tool-making
00:35:56 00:36:08 designers & engineers examining plans & drawings at drawing boards
00:36:08 00:36:40 large workshops with machinists at work, assembling aircraft model, model workshop
00:36:40 00:37:01 foundry casting wings for test model, various workshops & technicians
00:37:01 00:37:24 work on test aircraft models
00:37:24 00:37:56 technical college for engineering, laboratories, machine rooms, all part of aviation research & development
00:37:56 00:38:38 exterior of RAE, film crew

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