Bahrain International Airport 2

Bahrain International Airport 2 Colour, ambient sound, general views, aircraft, in-cockpit, ground services. Circa 1999-2000
10:00:06 10:00:33 DHL 757 cargo jet parked on tarmac, zoom in to c/u
10:00:34 10:01:00 air cargo hangar, pan to DHL jet
10:01:00 10:02:38 loading cargo into hold of DHL plane, hydraulic lifts, cargo containers
10:02:00 10:03:05 DHL light aircraft (Swearingen SA-227 Metro III) taxiing
10:03:05 10:06:34 DHL service vehicles towing cargo containers to aircraft, loading cargo into cargo hold of 757
10:38:20 10:42:27 in-cockpit of 757 view from behind pilots looking thru windscreen, take-off view down runway, in-flight
10:42:28 10:43:02 mid-shot instrument panel, pilot`s hand on controls
10:43:03 10:47:00 c/u various instruments including altitude
10:47:00 10:48:18 c/u printout of flight plan in co-pilot`s hand
10:48:23 10:51:01 instrument panel, pilot`s hand on throttle
10:51:01 10:52:28 view over pilot`s shoulder looking through windscreen
10:52:29 10:53:32 pilot`s hand on throttle, instrument panel, c/u various instruments
10:53:33 11:00:47 View over pilot`s shoulder thru windscreen, view of the ground ahead & runway, coming in to land, taxiing to gate
11:00:54 11:02:39 offloading cargo containers from aircraft
11:12:45 11:13:26 baggage vehicle driving past
11:13:28 11:13:46 Gulf Air jet taking off, passenger coach drive by
11:13:46 11:15:25 various airport ground services vehicles, ground crew, conveyor loading baggage onto aircraft
11:15:25 11:16:57 Gulf Air passenger jet, service vehicle pushing aircraft into position

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