Bahrain Airport 3

Bahrain Airport 3 Bahrain International Airport -- Tape Ref. CAA2
Colour, ambient sound, general views, aircraft movement, ground services, baggage claim. Circa 1999-2000

11:01:18 11:02:57 Gulf Air passenger jet being re-fuelled
11:02:57 11:03:09 c/u fuel gauge showing US gallons
11:03:09 11:03:28 ground crew supervising refuelling
11:03:28 11:03:36 sign, Bahrain International Airport
11:03:47 11:05:34 ground crew loading cargo into hold of aircraft
11:05:34 11:06:52 exterior Gate 13, various service vehicles, pan to Gulf Air jet being loaded, repeat
11:26:00 11:26:56 interior Air Traffic Control (ATC), c/u of radar screen showing aircraft positions
11:26:56 11:28:22 night, interior ATC, man in Arab dress @ control desk, Gulf Air jet taxiis past, pan to aircraft parked at terminal gate
11:28:22 11:31:19 night, lights of aircraft as it comes in to land, pull out to interior of ATC, zoom in to British Airways jet taxiing past
11:31:20 11:31:39 night, Gulf Air jet parked @ gate being serviced
11:31:39 11:39:53 day, passenger jet parked @ gate being serviced & baggage loaded ready for flight, various service vehicles & crew
11:40:14 11:43:14 interior airport terminal, baggage claim area, passengers with baggage trolleys, baggage on conveyor
11:51:32 11:52:15 DHL 757 jet take-off down runway
11:52:48 11:58:28 A300 Monarch jet coming in to land, taxi past & parks at gate, service vehicles approach aircraft, daytime
11:58:28 11:59:13 long shot terminal exterior, aircraft parked at gates, daytime
11:59:56 12:03:43 baggage on conveyor belt, camera follows baggage on its journey out to baggage claim area, passengers, repeat
12:03:43 12:04:25 exterior ATC tower, daytime
12:04:25 12:04:40 midshot, cargo moving up conveyor into cargo hold of aircraft
12:04:40 12:04:50 wide shot of above, aircraft parked at gate
12:11:25 12:14:50 Egypt Air A300 jet coming in to land, daytime, taxiis past and parks at terminal gate
12:14:52 12:17:22 Camera tracks 360 degrees round exterior of above aircraft parked at gate & surrounded by services vehicles & crew

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