Power Play

Power Play Iceland sits on a hot spot of geothermal activity which could generate as much electricity as 20 nuclear power plants. But are they exploiting their precious resource in a bid to kick-start their economy?
With the construction of a massive dam, hydro-electric power station, and constant supply of Australian bauxite, Iceland's aluminium industry is booming. Biology teacher Orn admits; "We're little gold diggers. We've already exhausted our cod and herring stocks, we're attacking nature." Environmentalists share Orn's concerns. With pressure to feed new aluminium smelters, plans have been developed to harness clean geothermal power from areas in Northern Iceland. Yet in one of these chosen areas, is Lake Myvatn. Local activists are worried that if the lake's ecosystem is disturbed, it may cause global ramifications. "This area is beautiful, it could be the most famous volcanic national park in the world and we are destroying it for 40 jobs in an aluminium smelter."

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