Poor Whites/Rich Blacks

Poor Whites/Rich Blacks The end of the Apartheid regime saw black South Africans gain from democracy and climb the social ladder. On the other hand white South Africans are learning that now the tables have turned, life isn't so easy.
When Apartheid ended black South Africans got opportunities that weren't there before. Phindi and Tschepo Kgaudi took these with both hands. Now they are living their dream, as South Africa's first shoe designers. 'Now we stay in a bigger house, with bigger cars and we didn't inherit that, we earned that,' smiles Tschepo. Meanwhile, the white Grobler family live in shacks in a scrap yard, barely earning enough to survive. Johan Grobler argues Apartheid hasn't ended, it's just changed; 'now it's just the opposite.' As both families look towards the future, the Grobler's feel their only chance for a better life is to move. 'This isn't my land anymore...The blacks come first.'

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