The Skin Trade

The Skin Trade A lethal mix of prejudice, traditional beliefs and greed is fuelling the murder of albinos in Tanzania. Here the belief in magic remains strong and albino body parts are believed to have mystical powers.
In the hills witchdoctors sell potions made from albino bones and hair, promising instant luck and wealth to anyone willing to pay. '"There is a big market for children''s and women''s bones and they make a lot of money,'" tells Sahymaa Kweigir, Tanzania''s first albino parliamentary member. Three days ago in a village outside Sengerema, 14-year-old Eunice was brutally killed. Her younger sister saw everything. '"Euni fell to the floor because they hacked her in the neck,'" Leticia recalls. '"A man cut off my sister''s leg'." Two days later Eunice's parents were arrested for aiding the killers in exchange for a cut of the profits. With 45 albino murders so far but no convictions, can the authorities stop this deadly con game?

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