Saint Death

Saint Death On the first day of each month, thousands of people flock to a house in Mexico City. They bring offerings of candles and fruit, tequila and marijuana. They've come to worship at the alter of Saint Death.
After worshipping Santa Muerte privately for decades, one day Henriqueta Romero Romero set up an alter in her window. It soon became a pilgrimage site. 'What do I want?' asks Henriqueta, 'Her blessings, her care for all of us, her support'. The cult has spread quickly amongst Mexico City's underworld. 'It started in jail' tells anthropologist Syvia Gutierrez. She believes those who feel rejected by the church, find comfort here. 'Criminals, homosexuals, they all come to her, she has no prejudices...we all face her together.' Father Enriquez has been tracking the cult's dramatic growth but he remains confident followers will always return to the Church. 'When they realise it is all fake, they abandon it.'

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