Toxic Computer Waste

Toxic Computer Waste Ships dock every day in the port of Accra and unload their illegal cargo. Tons of televisions, computers, e-waste from Europe land here. Scrap dealers are keen to resell the outdated technology.
Only those functioning properly can be exported, but checks are almost impossible. Africa has no use of these obsolete computers, and earnings are very minimal. Locals are forced to send their children to contaminated scrap yards to help increase family income. Bad recycling spreads contamination to rivers, lagoons and the sea, poisoning fish that lands not only on the tables of locals, but also finds its way to where it originally came from - Europe. As Christina Schroeder argues: " The poison is not in Africa, it comes to Africa".

10:00:00:20 - 10:00:58:15 Port of Accra and computer waste vendors
10:00:58:15 - 10:01:08:14 A man recycling computers - smashing them with a hammer
10:01:18:04 - 10:01:45:21 a vendor talking about scrap yard business, selling on copper and aluminium from the equipment
10:01:46:14 -10:02:33:22 recycling computer waste, burning cables, black smoke lingering in the air
10:03:00:19 - 10:03:20:11 Pan camera movements over the scrap yard and the junior football pitch. Children training in the haze of the poison cloud.
10:03:23:19 - 10:03:53:19 Residents around the scrap yard, walking, working, children playing
10:03:53:19 - 10:04:05:10 Emmanuel Bempah 14 year old scrap collector talks about his after school work schedule on the scrap yard
10:0421:02 - 10:05:44:07 Children working on the scrap yard, digging with bare hands in glass shards, and talking about their experience working
10:05:44:07 -10:05:54:03 Contaminated water near a scrap yard
10:06:00:00 - 10:06:35:11 Environmental Journalist Mike Anane talks about the little use Africa has from the "end of life toxic computers".
10:06:35:11 - 10:06:56:22 Parked European lorries full of old computers, loading and unloading
10:06:56:22 - 10:07:57:09 An Austrian inspector checking if computers on the scrap "bazaar" are arriving from Austria
10:07:5709 - 10:08:11:23 Contaminated water near a scrap yard, animals drinking that water
10:08:30:08 - 10:09:01:11 Locals on the beach, eating, drinking, and swimming in the sea


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