The Longest Fence

The Longest Fence A 2,000-mile fence is being built along the border of India and Bangladesh, to stop terrorists from crossing. Yet hundreds of innocent Bangladeshis and Indians have already been killed by Indian guards.
'They shoot us over here, then they take the body onto the Indian side and say they were a smuggler', tells one Bangladeshi villager. In both Bangladeshi and Indian villages locals queue up with photos of their relatives, desperate to tell their stories of injury and loss. 'My son went to see his land one morning and they killed him. I went to the police but they said they couldn't register any case against the border security force.' The National Project of Preventing Torture believes there's evidence that the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) are killing with complete impunity. 'They killed Indian Citizens. But in not a single case, has anyone been answerable.'

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