The Italian Solution

The Italian Solution Thanks to strict new laws turning unauthorised migration into a criminal offence and a controversial deal with Libya, Italy is cracking down on immigration. Tough but necessary or just plain racist?
"'Look at them - ugly mugs!'" A citizen patrol group is targeting immigrants. Groups like these are now legal and meant to help the police fight drug dealers. Some residents are sceptical: '"We should integrate those people, not hunt them down."' But others welcome the new laws. '"No more Mr Nice guy, we''re fed up!'" Negative press has turned immigration into a devil in the public''s eye but it seems Italians no longer need to fear: the government has closed the gateway to Europe. Libya is preventing migrants from leaving and Italy's pushing back boats intercepted near Lampedusa. The need for political asylum is not considered. Most drastically, doctors are now obliged to report migrants without documents to the authorities. "'I think it's a stupid law'," says this MSF doctor, '"almost all of us will take no notice'."

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